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Go to S14B23 Manifold Rally Power

S14B23 Manifold Rally Power

€ 1.775,00 (EX VAT)

Go to S14B23 Manifold Rally Torque

S14B23 Manifold Rally Torque

€ 1.650,00 (EX VAT)

Go to S14B25 Manifold DTM Replica

S14B25 Manifold DTM Replica

€ 2.100,00 (EX VAT)

Go to Sidepipe Rally

Sidepipe Rally

€ 1.100,00 (EX VAT)

M3 Manifolds

BIG Engine im-provement

Welcome to m3manifolds.com we are a small company, based in the Netherlands. Our main focus is to build exhaust manifolds for the legendary M3 E30. Togethere with Boschtuning, we developed different manifolds for the best performance. Our exhaust systems are mainly used with the M3 E30 2.3 Rallycars.


M3 Manifolds in action!